Parallel Shaft Mounted Gear Units

Parallel Shaft Mounted Gear Units

D/M Series
  • D/M Series reducers are available as 2 and 3-stage. Both stages has 6 case sizes. As an input option, they may be selected as motorized, with PAM (B5-B14) and IEC or free input shaft (w). As parallel-shafted reducers have a thin structure, they are ideal for use in narrow areas. As casing, they are available in footed mounting, B5 or B14 mounting and Rubber buffer, Keyed, and shafts are available as hollow shaft, and Shrink Disc.


  • * Cases are made of cast iron.
  • * Gears are cut in compliance with international standards.
  • * Bearings are selected for long-term and problem-free operation.
  • * Cases can be mounted from footed, flanged or with Rubber buffer.
  • * Various B5 flanges are available for each case size.
  • * High-quality oil seal and sealing elements are used in the reducers.
  • *Reducers are highly efficient.
Technical Details

Torque  :   39…… 3285 Nm
Power   :   0.09…. 30 kW
Ratio     :   7.17…. 394.32

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