NRW Helical-Bevel Gear Units

NRW Helical-Bevel Gear Units

K Series

K series reducers comprise of Helical-Bevel gear assemblies. They are 3-stage and available in 7 different case sizes. Input movement direction features 90 degree turn. Two types of cases are available as fotted and Flanged. Cases may be mounted from B5, B14, Torque arm flanged, Torque arm platform or foots. Shaft options can be supplied as hollow shaft, solid shaft, solid shaft on both sides and shrink disc. Highly efficient. Features;

* Cases are made of cast iron.Gears are opened in compliance with international standards.
* Bearings are selected for long-term and problem-free operation.
* Cases can be mounted from Legs, Shafts or Torque arm.
* B5 flanges in different sizes are available for each case.
* High-quality felt and sealing elements are used in the reducers.
* Reducers are highly efficient.

Technical Details
  • Torque : 66... 13840 Nm
    Power  : 0.12... 90 kW
    Ratio    : 5.74... 183.27